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This term is used to describe the situation where a female displays her panty covered mons. Typically she will be wearing a dress or skirt and be in a seated position with her legs crossed or spread slightly apart so a bystander can look down her legs and see her panty covered twat. If you’re lucky, you might even see a camel toe. It’s a real teaser. More than half the time she does it as an exhibition to tease males. The rest of the time it’s an “oh my gosh” accident where she forgets to keep her dress or skirt pulled over her knees and her legs tightly closed. This situation is not to be confused with similar views from upskirt situations.
Gina is wearing her tight skirt to class; there will be lots of laundry shots today.

I like to go to Joe’s Lounge after work; there’s lots of women there and lots of laundry shots.
by RobbieJor March 14, 2005
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