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Usually occurs to one who lives in an apartment building with a shared laundry facility. When a person goes down to the laundry room, they will often if not always find that their clothes have been taken out of either the washer or the dryer and has been scattered all over the floor or piled angrily in a corner to free the laundry machines and make way for someone else's tastless and soiled clothes.

The victim will often feel as though their privacy has been invaded knowing that strangers have rummaged through their clothes and under garments, how awful!
A: Oh my, Laundry Privacy Invasion rates have been on the rise!
B: I know! I had to get security cameras installed because I had TWO invasions last week! The worst part is that last time I arrived at the scene, my boxers with Sylvester the cat prints on em' were missing....
A: You gotta watch out man, whoever took em' prolly has your SIN number, all the PINs to your bank accounts, your medical records etc. by now!
by P.Trotsky January 23, 2011
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