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A more extreme version(indicating more laughterness) of LMAO.

Considered, by some discerning gamesters, to indicate MORE laughterness than even LMFAO!

The word, 'freakin' may also be substituted with other 'f' words such as, 'flippin' 'flappy' or 'fuckin'
Its' all a matter of personal preference, imo!
Simplyknitting> Oh shit! I just attacked my freakin Thorn neighbour instead of that lvl 5 npc! Typed the wrong coords in!

Gobbledegook> lol you dumb ass noob, sk! ROFL and Laugh My Freakin Pants Off :)

mighty cale>Awww SK! But yeah, GG, i just gotta LMFPO too! *sigh now we gotta get sk outta the shit!*

It has also been known too add the word 'big' and/or 'Smelly' into the mix. I feel this is quite acceptable i.e. Laugh My Freakin Big Smelly Pants Off.

Other variations may include the use of a relatives' pants:-

Laugh My Mothers Freakin Big Flappy Pants Off

Laugh My Sisters' Smelly Pants Off

Laugh My Grandads' Freakin Smelly Big Flappy Pants Off

But it can all get a bit out of hand and become too cumbersome! LMGFSBFPO! :)
by SimplyKnitting July 16, 2010
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