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A latte-sipping leftist, or simply a "latte-sipper", is a pejorative term that is used to describe a type of socialist who usually lives in the inner city, or one who shares the views of those socialists that do live in such areas. The term comes from the perception of inner-city leftists congregating at cafes and drinking lattes whilst lamenting over societal problems. They differ from other leftists by their anarchy-like mindset and a provocative, aggressive and uncompromising approach to the support of fashionable socio-progressive causes. Notably they perceive themselves as being more open-minded, intelligent and enlightened than everyone else. This mentality is further reinforced if they have a tertiary qualification which is typically, but not always, a university degree in the arts and social sciences. They often are described as being arrogant, abusive, sanctimonious and self-righteous. While usually criticised by conservatives, they are also criticised by other leftists and some in the union movement who label them as elitists. Their focus on socio-progressive and world issues has also seen them labelled as being out-of-touch by those from poorer backgrounds who have more pressing local concerns such as crime, unemployment, health care and the rising cost of utilities. While generally similar in mentality to the so-called "Champagne Socialists", the Latte-sipping Leftists differ mainly in their socio-economic status; they mostly hail from a middle-class background.
It's just so typical to see these latte-sipping leftists shout down and gang up on anyone who disagrees with them.
by freedomisanillusion September 26, 2017
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