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A GREAT band consisting of lead singer Becky Jean Williams, John Hancock, Finn Bjarson and Ryan Raddon (who is also Kaskade).

Their style is considered unique and it's hard to accurately describe it. It is defined as house, while they mix electronic sounds with strings and a soft, trance-like, almost eerie and haunting voice from Williams. Their newest album Haunted is mainly composed of songs that are just that.. haunting.

The lyrics can be romantic but mainly are about anything and every little thing of life, as well as more serious issues such as not giving up hope and overcoming adversity.

The songs themselves aren't just a pure genre but is a mix between electronica, house, dance, trance, lounge, progressive, etc.
They are often described as really chill and downtempo, not the kind of songs you fist-pump to.
They compose the kind of songs that you "feel" not just "listen" to. It creates an atmosphere that is somewhat eerie but soothing and almost peaceful and spiritual.
LNA got a major popularity boost by well recognised Youtube make-up artist Michelle Phan who did the make-up for Williams in their "Finally Found" music video.
I cannot stop listening to Late Night Alumni, and I can't bring myself to listen to any other artist.
Their songs seem to have a very personal and emotional effect on me.

I'd also support them if they became mega-famous, because all I want for them is the success that they deserve.
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by MissForgettful February 21, 2011
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