A late friend is when one person who is alive considers someone who is dead as a friend, although when he/she was alive they didn't really talk to him/her. This is good as a late friend can always provide inspiration.
When Goran Ivanisevic won Wimbledon in 2001, he dedicated the win to his late friend Drazen Petrovic who died 8 years earlier.
by 1964199319842001 March 17, 2011
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The scenario of this phrase is about a guy and a girl who are friends. The guy has feelings for her and vise versa, but the girl rejected the guy cause maybe she wasn't ready or she was confused. After the guy has moved on and has a new girlfriend, the girl finally admitted her true feelings to him but it's too late and thus, she's his Day Late Friend.
Jake and Mindy were best friends and they began to have feelings for each other. Jake tried to ask Mindy out, but Mindy rejected Jake even though she feels the same way. Jake moves on and finds another girl and they both got closer. By the time Mindy decided to express her true feelings to Jake, it's too late cause Jake has already moved on and is attached to the new girl and thus, Mindy is Jake's day late friend.
by Farid Singapore September 15, 2007
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Person 1 likes Person 2 and told Person 2 their feelings but Person 2 has gotten over or is in a relationship with someone else.
We could have been lovers, but ur still my day late friend.

I'm sorry I'm going out with Samantha, your a day late.
by Insomnia67 August 2, 2006
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