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A real ass nigga that gets tons of white bitches and is the funniest nigga you know. You can spot Latavians macking on some fine ass honeys, keeping them in the palm of his hands. If you want tips on how to be a real nigga, find the nearest Latavian and ask him and he MIGHT help you. But don't let Latavian find out you have a girlfriend because he will, without a doubt, fuck your bitch.
Guy 1: Dude where's your girlfriend?
Guy 2: Oh, she's just over there hanging with Latavian.
Guy 1: Dude, wtf? Do yo know he's gonna do?!
Guy 2:....No?
Guy 1: He's fucking your bitch! Never trust a Latavian with your girlfriend!
by thatniggalat December 08, 2013
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An aggressive black male who resolves conflicts in a physical manner. Latavians like to attack random people, usually white men. They have been to jail many times and most likely will be in and out of prison their entire lives.
Rich was minding his own business walking down the street when a Latavian jumped out and hit him.
by Alan Dane January 23, 2012
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