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Informal slang term used by prostitutes. it references a client who is bombastic thinking himself God's Gift to all woman. He believes he has extraordinary skills at love and a particularly large, solid penis. In truth, he is an inept lover with a tiny, soft penis often deformed. In some instances, his belly is so big that the prostitute has to lift it up and out of the way to even find the penis, and normal sexual positions don't work.

The prostitute must go to great lengths to pretend sexual pleasure or else he becomes depressed, crying loudly and endlessly. Often, he will not leave demanding sympathy.

The exact origin of this term is not known. Folk lore among prostitutes is that a large, bombastic client looking somewhat like Santa Clause hired a cheap whore from Craigslist in Corpus Christi, Texas. He bragged about his vasectomy and said he was really going to let loose. He told the cheap whore she was in store for the greatest sexual experience of her life. He bragged about the size of his penis and said "it is even larger now that it is swollen from the vasectomy." He pulled it out, and it looked like a shriveled little hot pepper. She asked "is it in" and he started crying endlessly. She didn't know the guy's name, but her fellow prostitutes said "that sounds like Larry Adams." The name stuck and has been used every sense.

Most clients of this type tend to be lawyers.
Prostitute #1

Yeah, I had this John over. He gave me a tip. He was alright. I hope he becomes one of my regulars.

Prostitute #2

Good for you, I had Larry Adams over. I am getting out of the business. It just ain't worth it. I am going back to pulling ticks out of horses at the riding stables.
by UrbanResearcher December 29, 2011
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