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A beautiful, intelligent , short girl with a big personality that makes her stand out in a crowd. A strong minded individual who is liked by many for her amazing sense of humor. She has a quality about her that is unique. She is very independent working for all that she has and wants. She does not need a guy to make her happy and being clingy is a major turn off. To have her as an enemy might be your worse nightmare but to have her as an ally is great due to her loyalty. She has a smile that you will never forget because it will brighten up your day. It's the little things that matter most to her. She is family orientated. She makes guys minds go crazy because she is a phenomal woman. What more can a guy ask for?
Larasia is hilarious and she will take your breathe away because you will laugh and not be able to stop.
by Web'Afia January 10, 2012
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