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Laporte Highschool is a school in Laporte, Indiana, you probably would never have guessed that. it is also the place where you will find trashy kids. You walk through the halls, and all you see is: trailor trash, sluts (most common), hicks, and the kids that think they are cool because their parents have money. The other most common student you will find here are the wanna be gangsters. They are the ones that you can spot a mile away because they woddle like penguins in order to keep their pants at their knees, (god forbid their pants be at their waists). LaPorte High School is also full of rude teachers, and the teachers that dont ever make their students touch a book. Overall, Laporte High School is a horrible place and you should never send your kids there if you want them to have a chance to develop into half way decent adults.
Did you go to LaPorte High School?

Ya Dawg, I made to my sophmore year! I iz smart fo sho!
by Cinnamon Glotz January 03, 2012
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the place you shouldnt send your kids. walking through the hallways you will mostly see the preppy white boys that think they are g-eazy and walk through the halls thinking they are all bad because they smoked weed once. dont forget about the preppy white girls too. they are the ones you can smell from far away because of how much perfume they have on, and because of their absurd style of dressing, like this really isnt the 1950's? anyways, we also have the sluts which (stay away from them) might give you herpes just by looking at them, and oh yeah, the wanna be gangbangers. yanno, the black dudes that walk through the hallways with their ass hanging out screaming, "man, tanya got a fatass dawg, im bout to hit that shit right after school" with all there friends screaming on. and by the way, the teachers are also fucked up. dont let them fool you, they may seem nice the first 2 weeks or so, but afterwards they usually pick favorites (the preppy kids) and by then abandon all hope. but dont ever send your kids here.
Laporte High School is full of preppy white kids.
Your right dude, btw, you tryna smoke a blunt?
sure bro
by ejack456 May 25, 2016
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