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A relationship based on only sexual needs with no emotional connection.

A girl/boy whose only purpose is to service their lover whenever needed.
"Hey baby want to come over and be my lap candy? I'll lick you all night long."
"Ohhh I'm getting soaked already be there in a few!"

"Dude Julie is my lap candy."
"I heard she was Kevin's lap candy for awhile. I'd be careful man she's a total slut!"
by Anona1989 May 01, 2009
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Very similar to arm candy, but the lady sits on the man's lap. The lady can be going out with the man, or she just decided to sit there, making the guy look cooler.
Wow was Cassidy Jack's lap candy last night?

Yeup Jack looked pretty cool with Cassidy on his lap.
by MGunner June 12, 2011
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