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When you go to Art Van Furnature and buy a love seat on clearance. That night, you decided to have Indian Food. You think to yourself, "damn... my shit will be runny and hot tonite.#windyshit" Suddenly realizing that perhaps today wasn't the best day to both replace your toilet and get Indian food, you desperately search for a place to shit.

The smell of a brand new, cheaply produced Art Van couch pulled you right in... you took of a coushion and hover over the painful springs

"Ow!" You say "spicy, spicy,spicy," you shout. "Fuck my ass, fuck my ass, the Indians have fucked my ass!" The runny diarrhea comes out of your asshole Ronnie and spicy runny and spicy spicy and runny and seeps into the cracks of the brand new couch. At first, you smell shit, but then, the 24 hour artificial couch with preservative Kickin and it starts to smell like citrus.

The next day, the preservative was wearing off. You went back to Art Van to return the couch but they won't let you because you got it on clearance so you shit on it again and drive through the display window with your 1998 Chevy Silverado and dump the shity couch on a fucked up matress.
"Oh fuck"

"What is it Manager Dave?"

"We've got another Lansing Suprise."

"Oh shit"
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by AsherBigCock June 18, 2018
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