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is a horrible skeleton sight of a woman. Has a long, pointy face that sits on top of a long neck and a long straight body. Has pale skin, purple rings around her eyes and long, stringy black hair. Is a terrible mother who abandons her children on doorsteps. Eye contact with one will silence the loudest and most talkative of things. Is the term Weetzie Bat uses to describe women like Witch Baby's real mother. Spends the whole day eating real sugary foods that burn the throat and drain the body.
Girl: "Did you see that thing?"
Friend: "Lanka Witch."
Girl: "Frightful to the eye."

synonyms: skeleton haggard frightful frock
antonyms: beautiful witch

feelings one has when encountering a lanka witch: stage fright shut up
by Cherokee Thunderbat April 05, 2009
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