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The Landlord Pipe is an essential tool used to smoke indoors and avoid detection from landlords, parents, wives or anyone ells you don't want smelling smoke.

The Landlord Pipe can be constructed out of any tube that is available to you, and the length is a matter of preference, but usually, they are made from the inner cardboard tube of a toilet paper roll or paper towel roll and fabric softener sheets. It is stuffed with fabric softener sheets, which act as a filter. you blow your exhaled smoke through the Landlord Pipe and what comes out, is fresh, clean smelling, filtered smoke that wont cause any suspicion.
Ron Bombcronadon wanted to smoke some dank in his bong but did not want his angry wife to smell it. He made a Landlord Pipe and did bong hits all night long and his wife never smelled anything!
by Ron Bombcronadon February 15, 2011
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