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1. A rich person who owns a box made of 2x4 studs, nails, 2x10s, plywood and shingles; basically a wooden stick box you could construct in a couple weekends from materials purchased at the home depot.
2. The rich person one day realized that home prices have gone up so high that most young people and low income people are priced out of the housing market, and therefore are forced into the rental market.
3. The rich person then takes advantage of the poor, vulnerable families who are priced out of the housing market, and then gouges them so that they are handing over 75% of there take home pay to the landlord.
4. When the poor family who must now skip meals, rely on food stamps and other forms of welfare, take public transportation; can’t go to college; and can’t afford healthcare asks the landlord why is the rent so high?
5. The Landlord replies: it is fair market value. The tenant must now pick up a 3rd job on the weekend, along with his two full time jobs during the week because the rent is too high.
6. The Landlord takes the money and cashes the check into his bank account. The wife complains her Mercedes Slk600 is now three years old and she needs a new one. She struts off to Saks Fifth Avenue to buy a new Coach handbag, Gucci shoes, and a Prada dress. His daughter needs to take a trip skiing in this Swiss alps on her winter break from Yale. The estate needs a new wing for the butler to sleep instead of going home at night.
Rent keeps going up its now 1600 a month, I can’t breath, I’m going to be homeless. That’s your fault for not buying a house. The Land lord found a way of legally extracting 80% of peoples money and doing no work to earn it. They just sit in there office cashing checks all day, doing no zero work.

What do you call a lazy rich person who doesn’t do anything and does no work at all; and takes 70% of the food off the table of a working class family? A land lord.

The rent has gone up again; I can’t take it no more, I’m to stressed, I can’t sleep, I’m under so much pressure at work; I have no money left over after paying my rent. Well how else is the land lord going to buy his new Bentley
by PhillyPatt May 29, 2018
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1) An owner of scummy fungus-, rodent- or insect-infested property which they rent (often for a long period up front) after giving said property a superficial spring-clean and repaint to fool the naive and desperate university student seeking accommodation. Can be recognised by the electric heaters trained on new carpet in said property which the naive tenant falsely believes will warm them through the winter, but are actually to retard mould growth until point of rental and will be removed in secret once they pay up and their backs are turned. Once said infestation manifests, the landlord takes the rental money and the deposit (known to cognoscenti as "bye-bye money"), and disappears to a remote holiday resort, nary to be seen or heard from again. Alternately he may come back for rent in shorter-term instalments, well aware that the law cannot touch him or that he has terrorised the tenant too thoroughly for the latter to test said law. Frequently claims to need to clear out tenants for the purposes of having the residences fitted with all mod cons, then merely has the rooms subdivided into cubicles too small to swing a cat in. The landlord is intimately familiar with (1) all his rights, and (2) the departure times for all flights to Andalucia and the Canaries (or equivalent Stateside). Typically much beloved by students past and present, especially those who managed to get official campus accommodation.

2) Any crook or anti-social parasite with a good PR agency, hitmen to silence "begrudgers" and/or the ability to run fast.
You paid five grand for that place for a year and it started raining through the ceiling? What do you EXPECT when dealing with landlords?

The guy at the till didn't like you in his restaurant, so he spiked your coffee. What a landlord!

GB II is the worst landlord I've ever heard of. When thousands of other young Americans were risking everything in Nam he was looping the loop over Lubbock.
by Donough Macnamara May 17, 2007
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1) An opportunistic mentally ill parasite who honestly believes he provides an honest, morally sound business for his community. But in reality, siphons huge amounts of resources from his tenants trapping them into the perpetual gamed cycle of renting rather than owning.

2) A person, company, or firm who owns so much property they can easily set the rental rates of a particular area.
"If I keep paying rent to landlords, I will never afford a house"

"My landlord raised the rent again! I cannot believe I am being priced out of my childhood town!"
by DutchPirate June 10, 2018
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That jackass who demands to be paid at the end of the month, even if you have to sell blood and semen to get the money.
My landlord, may he rott in hell, said I should sell my kidneys for rent...
by Tornadoman July 05, 2005
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A person who makes an honest living by purchasing property and then renting out space to tenants. Usually hated by said tenants because they seem to ignore the fact that the landlord had to pay for the property and is entitled to be reimbursed.
I need to pay rent to the landlord every month.
by MNYC September 08, 2005
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