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A "top 10" university in the U.K. It's in the middle of nowhere, has really depressing weather, and student life involves getting stupidly drunk in grim bars in town, because there's honestly not much else to do in your free time. There's quite a few societies, but with the exception of international clubs, they mostly consist of weirdos who dress up as Harry Potter and do medieval reenactments. Classes and lectures are alright, but the campus is so big it that it can take up to half an hour to walk to class from your dorm. Highlight of the experience is making friends for life by bonding over the horrible weather and the terrible food they serve in northern England.
Owen:"Which University you going to mate?"

Mark: "I'm in Lancaster University"

Owen: "Ah mate it must be grim up north."

Mark: "Yea mate there's 300 rainy days per year and the food is terrible"
by ebilnoob May 26, 2018
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