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An Omaha, NE street-based organization of childhood friends and scallywags, also known as LSBF, dedicated solely to "grabbing respect by the haunches." Rumored to have started the national sensation of "drivewaying," or sitting in lawn chairs in a driveway drinking boxed wine, quoting the same movies over and over, and accepting the fact that no matter how hard anyone tries nothing exciting is going to happen tonight until the 11:00 ZJ's.
LSBF brothers always stand their ground and fucking hate girls!
"LSBF's so fucking gay. They think they're cool because they coined the term "drivewaying" which does nothing more than give them an excuse to get drunk with the same people in the same driveway every night."

"Those Lamp Street Buttfuckers sure know how to grab respect by the haunches!"
by Samsonite017 August 14, 2009
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