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1. Severe Lazyness in one or both eyes. Severity of lazy eye(s) depends on amount of cocksucking performed prior to elonged exposure to the sun and chlorine of the pool.
2. Seeing someone from the extreme corner of your eye.
3. Whorrible photo of oneself exposing a queer position of the eye(s).
1. -Damn, I spent all day in the pool, and now my eye looks like this!
-That sucks, bro, you got some severe Lamouche eye. The girls wont wantcha now, except the prostitots.

2. Yo that bytch was FINE! I saw her looking at me with Lamouche eye.

3. Dude! Your Bus pass is whack! Mads case of Lamouche eye.
by Big Toker April 14, 2003
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