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1. A cute ahh gurl wit hella cake 2. Pretty face, big ol waist 3. The best best friend you’ll ever find 4. Cool wit everybody 5. Will and can steal ya mans, so watch out
1. I want a girl like Lamajah
2. She got a Lamajah booty
by Lit.cute.gurl June 18, 2018
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She’s a bald headed girl with a stankass booty. Most her friends call her #stankbootymaj buh I wouldn’t blame them. Stay away cuz her stench is deadly. You usually see her on the Seafood part of the menu when you go to the restaurant buh beware they say she is a fish that contains a very bad odor. Her find/toes are crusty and she wears no socks with her shoes. Her vans smell like corn chips so don’t invite her for a sleepover.
Your feet smell like Lamajah.
Don’t be another #stankbootymaj .
by litty_girl June 10, 2019
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