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One of the greatest boyfriend's a girl could ever have. He could turn a strait guy gay just because he's that good. Lakshan is caring, insightful, soo full of love, and crazy intelligent. With the way he is, he shall forever stay a legend. This boy has got it going on. Potatoe's love for him is never ending.
OMG is that Zac Effron? Wait no, it's Lakshan! YAY! Even better!
by KrisPotatoe August 18, 2009
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A cool dude with the brains of Einstein. He is the geek to befriend. Being as well-rounded as Lakshan is, his success in life shall be great and envied by many. Who knows he just might end up being the one to pay your paycheck one of these days.
Watch out! Lakshan is coming!!! Better be on my best behavior!!!
by Tomikosan July 20, 2009
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