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Ignorant so called "sports-fans" who have nothing better to do than to go around commenting negatively on Laker related stories, hoping to entice someone into an argument that is senseless and baseless. This is a mutation of the life-form known as Laker Hater, and as such share character traits.

The fact that they have time to do this indicates that
either they have no life or their team of choice isn't worth
writing about or spending time on.

Hating and Trolling stem from feelings of inadequacy due to
their team of choice LACKING in either: 1) Championship
Banners and Rings, 2) Team Notoriety, 3) News media
coverage, 4) Legendary Players, 5) NBA records, or all 5 of

The recommended way to handle the Laker Troll is either to
ignore them, or to point out factual falsities in their post
without ranting. The reason for this is not to give them
what they want (attention and for said Laker fan to waste
their time).

Laker Trolls are known to exist exclusively in comments of
online sports articles. It is predicted that as the number
of Laker Championship banners increases, the number of Laker Trolls in the US will jump exponentially.

One of the most well known weaknesses of this mutation is
the paralyzing effect that Kobe adding more jewelry (rings)
has on them. Each time The Mamba adds a ring, the Laker
Troll's are silenced and go into hiding for 3-10 months.
Laker Fan 1: "Did you see that stupid comment about the Lakers bro, obviously a Kobe Hater? I'm so tired of seeing that Laker Troll post all the time so I'm gonna go off on him for a page."

Laker Fan 2: "Don't waste your time, that's what they want.
Besides, we're too busy counting our rings... no time for haters or trolls..."
by CarpLove March 11, 2013
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