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A term describing an individual that lives on the lake and spends the majority of the time intoxicated, usually wearing a swim suit, a sun hat or bandana with large sunglasses and no shoes.
Name invited me out to the lake today, but told me to pick up a case of beer because they were almost out. It's not even 10:00am... Dang lakebilly.
by bigr3000 October 03, 2016
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Anyone who may be described as a Redneck or Country Boy from the Great Lakes Area, especially Michigan. Kinda like a hillbilly, minus the hills, plus a whole ton of lakes, snow, road construction, and NHL.
Jake (Joking): Least y'ain't there eatin' one o them there possums or skunks like we do down here in 'Bama!!
Rachel (In Michigan): I'd rather be a lakebilly than a hillbilly.
by Bama Lakebilly December 05, 2014
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