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A high school in saint John Indiana that consists of half drug dealers and half whores even the teacher at the school are high lc has a darker side full of shady ass motherfucker who will do anything to get some h
Who's good
Idfk let's just go drive to taco hut by lake central someones bown to be there
by Gotothemafket February 18, 2011
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School full of cock sucking whores, niggas who think they are the shit with the fake gold on their wrist, crackers who got their sister pregnant, and teen moms who called up their baby daddy and the number got changed. This school is full of low lifes who get praised by others cause they're "different" and straight A students who end up working at McDonalds. Not to mention horny cheaters are like an infestation in the school either smashing there gf/bf's best friend in there moms mini van or in the school closets. :)
hey, you know that hoe sophia from lake central?? yeah why?? heard she sucked off a guy at a party.. really, i thought she was already dating someone?? yeah, it was probably her boyfriends bestfriend....
by bird watching king June 23, 2017
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A school full of snakes and fake ass hoes. The hot guys are closeted and just want dick, most of the girls are lesbian/bisexual, which is why some call lc lesbian central. We have teachers who get fired for doing cocaine in classrooms, we have people getting suspended everyday for vapes, which isn’t a big deal anyways. Everyone has a phix/Juul/bo/whatever the fuck. Most have a V8 stick too. All around terrible school, teachers are assholes, stress is everywhere. No wonder most people smoke pot cause the stress is terrible. Most of the girls are sluts too who get fingered on a daily by new dudes, kids get head in lc bathrooms too. Drug deals are done everyday in wedge or freshmen center, usually in bathrooms.
-dude did you hear that a teacher got caught using cocaine in class?
-let me guess, was it lake central?
by FaggotryLc November 22, 2017
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