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A small city in Indiana bordered by Gary, Portage, New Chicago and Hobart. Commonly referred to as "Snake Nation," or "Skank Nation," Lake Station is home to Edison High School (class of 2006 is by far the best class ever,) and River Forest High School. River Forest blows ass. The Ingots? Come on.
Other perks of living in Lake Station include: DreamGirls/Deja Vu, 200 bars, numerous gangs (GD, Folks, Latin Kings, Vice Lords, and the occasional Blood,) and of course, Johnny's Gas Station.
People from Lake Station are inherently awesome, and anyone who doesn't agree is probably some pussy from Hobart or Portage. We love them anyway.
K: "You're pretty ghetto. Are you from Gary?"

O: "Nah, fam. I'm from Lake Station. LSI fo' life."

K: "Oh. Did you go to Edison or River Forest?"

O: "Edison. Fo sho."

K: "Fucking awesome."
by RepresentLSI_219 March 05, 2009
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