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Established in 1970 and owned and operated by the Diocese of Cleveland, Lake Catholic High School commits itself to the faith and education of each student. Through a challenging curriculum, extensive extra-curriculars, successful athletics and a vibrant service program, Lake Catholic works to fulfill its mission to learn, to work together, and to serve. But past all that the school is filled with cliques drama and non-stop gossip. The most important sport is football so if you are they star on the team you are known as the alpha male of the school! For the males of the school the sports that get you most known are football, basketball, and baseball. For the girls its volleyball, cheerleading, and basketball. Besides all that the school still has it class sluts, drug deals, cop showing up parties, and full of drama. In the school every girl has there whoreish moment where they will hook-up with a guy or a girl and the next Monday everyone knows about it. In Lake everyone knows your secrets and your life. This school has some of the worst slut you can find in Ohio!
Lake Catholic High School has so many sluts in it!
by meidhex22 July 23, 2010
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