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Pronounced (Layyyy-Ceeeeee)

A very brilliant and intelligent young lady. Shes the most amazing girl yu will ever meet. Shes Hawt like Fire. I cant get enough of her. The Only Place yu will find her is in the club. Gettin some Rub. Watever that means. She is married to her self. Ohh and the Beach. and almost everyone at malibu High School. hahaha, shes a Polygamist. aim her: LaisceLais.
Travis McCoy: Doode, if yu could pick any girl in the world to marry who would it bee??
Lil Weezzzy: definitely that girl Laisce that i heard about on
Travis McCoy: No Bitch. Shes Mine.!!!
Lil WeeZZZy: nooooo i will never let yu have the love of my life.
Scuffle Scuffle Scuffle.
by Laisce kaye January 18, 2009
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