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A laindon roadman is a boy usually aged from 11-40
These creatures are usually found in basildon or laindon, they would wear a Nike tracksuit (usually gray) Nike tn’s, a black north face puffer jacket, and a Nike cap. They top it off with their iPhone 5c (usually white or blue) oh and let’s not forget it’s cracked.
They use word like
Fit/peng/ my g/bro/broski/ wag1 ect

They fall for the trash girl that piles on makeup and more than likely is from laindon, they listen to xxxtentacion, stormyz and that’s when they embrace they’re inner roadman, when this occurs you have to run from these dangerous animals

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Loren: he looks shit
James: he’s a laindon roadman
by Ella xoxo xoxo July 15, 2018
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