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(lag-tōst) n. 1. Extreme computer lag, or comparative slowness of receiving and/or processing information (particularly during video game play).

< The Battle Grounds server lag < "lag" < various combinations of the word lag with others in search of the perfect description of extreme lag (lag bagels, lag muffins, etc.) < lag + toast (lag + the associations attached to the word toasted = perfect description) < lagtoast
Upon encountering extreme lag while playing an online videogame, one may sum up the situation by using the word lagtoast.

Other commonly used variations include the shortened "toast", which may be used as an adjective, noun or verb describing a thing which is in a state of lag, that which is essentially lag, or the act of causing a state of lag, respectively.

Leet speak variation: 70457 ( 7 = T, 0 = O, 4 = A, 5 = S )
by Jollygrogger March 09, 2009
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