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1. A bridge normally used by members of the fairer sex.
2. An enourmously popular unsigned band from Oxfordshire.
Jane crossed over the ladybridge while Bob stayed on the other side.
Are you going to the Ladybridge gig tonight?
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A small area just out of bolton that is known for being a very nice area and quiet except for the flats and the out scurts that is filled with a man called dave who will try to see a big issue to you.ladybridge is also known for its snobby ressidences and old people and is also known for peter kays mother and sister also living in this white privileged area but they don’t talk about the school that is smashed in there as this school is full of smack heads and future benifit collectors.
U want to move to ladybridge? We can escape the common people that roam around bolton?
by the gay boy J May 23, 2018
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