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When people are overly obsessed with Lady Gaga to the point that they scream every time she is mentioned, over play her songs, and get extremely defensive when people dis her.
Claire: Did you see what Lady Gaga was wearing last night.

Emily: Yes! it was so Awesome! she looked great.

Claire: Oh, I meant she looked ridiculous with that lobster on her face.

Emily: Are you kidding me, that looked beautiful on her, I'm really sick of her getting all this shit, okay, she's just trying to express herself and be different, she always looks so good. people need to lay off and accept her.

Claire: Dressing like a drag queen all the time will never be acceptable.


Courtney: Tracy asked if we wanted to go to the mall with her, she said she'll drive.

Beth: NO! I will drive, Tracy will just blast Lady Gaga the whole time. I'm sick of all this Lady Gagarbage.
by P319 August 08, 2010
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