When you find somebody online that says a 15 year old anime girl is hot. Commonly used among FBI OPEN UP! and the breakbot song that you never are able to find because whenever you try to search it, you get memes.
"damn she's hot"
"she's 15. Ladies and gentlemen, we gottem."
"oh shit wait no-"
by I. Hate. Life. October 10, 2019
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used in meme compilations, like REALLY used in them often paired with the song "baby i'm yours" in normal or earrape.
Guy 1: hey dude, Joe is really cool
Guy 2: who's Joe?
Guy 3: starts playing Baby i'm yours
Guy 3: Ladies and gentlemen, we gottem.
Guy 1: *long breath* J O E M A M A
Guy 2: *is defeated*
by SpookyD00D October 9, 2019
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