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a online flash game, part of a larger forum called played with Massive Time commitments and large wrist muscles, as killing a single monster generally involves clicking well over a million times per second. Also the name of the generally fine fine individuals of the community who play this game.
that ladderslasher is always on, every day, clicking away.
by The_Otter February 02, 2010
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Mikol@d2jsp did 54 MQs in 1 week. This kid gave up pussy, food, water, and sun light to do what no one else could do. Then his amazing season was stolen by a lucky nerd named dpaules, who had 70 less MQs than him.
Mikol @ jsp could have the most MQ's in a season even if he started 5 months after everyone else! He is the definition of a "Ladder Slasher"
by Njaguar@jsp November 23, 2011
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