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This term usually refers to a woman become scared to continue with living her life without an constant supply of adequate pipe in her life.
I can't find a good man with a decent head on his shoulders and great sex. "Well bitch, it appears that you suffer from lackadickaphobia. Let me prescribe you summa this dick to help you with your problem.."
by Dr. Phuck Yu, M.D. April 14, 2014
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When you cant get the dick for whatever reasons or haven't had any dick in a while. You start feeling tingling in the crotch area & you're always hot & bothered. Outward symptoms include major bitchiness & quick to snap until that pressure gets released by some good sex.
Girl, I haven't been able to see my man in four months I am suffering from lackadickaphobia.
by Sweet Mz. Ki October 31, 2017
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