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The LaFerrari (2013) the first hybrid car by Ferrari, also known as the F70 or F150 (cough FORD cough) is the successor to the over a decade old 2002 Enzo Ferrari Hypercar.

The name LaFerrari means The Ferrari& in Italian, the car itself has a 6.3 Liter Naturally Aspirated V12 engine producing around 800 BHP (Brake Horse Power) and is supplemented by a 163 BHP HY-KERS system which gives the car a grand total of 963 BHP and 715 Ib ft of torque and an overall top speed of 230+ MPH.

The car weighs around 1255 kg and has the latest Aerodynamic improvements which'll aid the car with more grip needed for turning around corners.The car also consists of active aerodynamic systems which'll also help the car in both coefficient drag and overall breaking (Only in high end speeds).

It'll cost around $1.2 Million (£1,040,000) and only 499 examples will be made and has two arch rival Hypercars: Porsche 918 Spyder and of course the McLaren P1.

All I know is that this car is gonna be FAST, REAL FUCKING FAST!!
Overpaid Banker: Nothing can beat my Lambo Veneno, NOTHING, NOT EVEN YOUR POS FERRARI!!

Rich Ferrari guy: You sure? You just spent 4.6 MILLION dollars on a car that not only looks ugly but produces ONLY 740 BHP whilst I've spent quarter the amount on a car that is not only good looking but produces 963 BHP and has a true racing heritage.

Overpaid Banker: OK THEN!!! LETS RACE!!

*As soon as the green light goes off the LaFerrari is already a little red spec on the Lambos windscreen moving further and further away winning the race.
by Carguy412 March 24, 2013
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