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La'Schell is kind. She is loving. She is caring. La'Schell puts others feelings before hers. La'Schell is unique. She is powerful. She is differnt from others. She will never turn her back on you. She is great in relationships. No matter how hard it gets she tries her hardest to stick around. She is hard at letting go specially when she's in love. She believe in destiny and faith. The confident and secure. And she will love you through all of your fault. And if you ever met La'Schell and you let her go and will regret it in the long run.
I will always love La'Schell.
La'Schell will always be my number one woman.

If I could get La'Schell back I would.
La'Schell was the most loyal woman I knew.
by Lovelylady30 January 19, 2017
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