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La'Rell is a hard to person to find. There is only supposed to 1 La'Rell but I might be wrong. La'Rell is a straight Jokester and can everyone and anyone laugh. He is very athletic, but its surprising how lazy he is. He is super stubborn and sometimes he takes matter into his own hands. Sometimes he jumps into action without thinking and can accidently make some real trouble! but he does it to either be the hero, or do what is right. He is tall and Might be HUGE! his personality is everyone's personality, he doesn't like taking pointless orders (unless from females), he is very chivalrous and is way too cute for his own good. he is very generous for the things he receives, a complete original, unique genius. when he is with a girl he will do a lot to comfort her. he is always there for his girl no matter what, And an even better friend/bro to have. To other people it seems impossible to see how open and creative La'Rell is and he is mostly toned skin. It sucks how rare his name is but still... he is a very good boyfriend but mostly since no girls have any things in common with him or are like him (cuz he likes girls that are athletic, funny, adventurous, cute, and romantic, and not shy like he is) he just dates girls just to do it since he can't find real love...
Girl 1: I can't understand how funny that kid is... and he has major balls since he is up for anything!
Girl 2: I know and he is so nice to me all the time!
Girl 1: Me too!
Girl 2: must be a La'Rell
Girl 1: that explains why I'm in love with him already
Girl 2: yeah, but he is pretty wild.
Girl 1: that's how I like my men >:)
by Honou March 17, 2018
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Smart, loving, responsible.. Handsome. Very caring, and loves to help people.
Larell helps everyone out.
by Jae100482 March 07, 2017
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