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La Marque High School is the worst high school in southern Texas located in the deplorable city of La Marque or “Da L” . They are illiterate, broke and nasty. The La Marque Cougars can’t win a game to save their lives because they can’t pass a 3rd grade test to keep their school district alive. La Marque constantly attempts to compete with Ball High one of the best schools, to no avail. La Marque is known for having rodents falling from the ceiling an abundance of roaches, and not to mention the black mold that got them condemned in 2011. A whopping 67 percent of their student have contracted an std and some point in their lives last year lanarque only saw 11 senior graduates and only 2 when to an actual college
Student :Aye cuz I go to da La Marque high School cuz we da livst Eva ya herd
by BHSTUFFY November 04, 2018
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