To La Cara a photo,also know as to "FACE" a photo.La Cara originates from the word the face,in the english be la cara'd in a photo is to have an obscene cringing face made in your photo toward the object of the photo.If there was a photo of 3 ppl,someone will run to the background of the picture and slyly enter the picture make such a face without anyone in the picture knowing until it is too late,especially once being tagged in facebook for example.
Dave thought he was hilarious but little did he know,he was just being la cara'd and thats why everyone was laughing.

You jerk,i had no idea you la cara"d me in that picture until i was tagged in it.
by blckstng96 December 18, 2009
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Basically means in Spanish "punch in the face" or "slap" either one.
Like I said " Golpe en la cara" means punch in the face in Spanish so here is an example sentence:" Necesito un gulpe en la cara"

Which means " I need a punch in the face" Adiós Putos.
by Gulp March 16, 2016
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