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I came up with the "LXO" which means - Lost Hugs and Kisses.
And started as a definition a sign of a "broken heart".
But fast became more than just a sad love sign.

The deeper definition of "LXO" became more like a Karma thing:
To get something, you must give something back.

Don't take love foregiven. If you keep getting love from a person and never give anything back you will lose her/him one day, show some love back and not just keep taking, without giving.

So this love doesn't become LXO and you don't lose this person you loved because you never gave anything back. If you know you will be sad to lose this person, fight for the love and show that you love her/him.

Doesn't matter if it's a person there isn't a girl or boy -friend, it could be a friend, your parrents.

Be nice to the persons that do something for you show that you thankful/appreciate for the thing they do for you.
Like if your parrents give you something, show them that your thankful for they gave you something, give some love back when they do something for you, don't take their love foregiven - so you won't regret the day they are gone, that you didn't show them enough that you appreciate all the things they did for you. So it won't become lost hugs and kisses.

- Smile to the world and the world will smile back.
Your girlfriend, did alot of nice stuff for you latly. Then don't be too greedy to give her something back, go buy her some flowers that she likes or something that will make her happy. Show her that you love her and you appreciate all the stuff she doing for you.

Your at home to visit your parrents, and they made you a nice dinner. And after eating, they starts to clean the dinner-table. Then help them out. They putted alot of work and love to make you a nice dinner, don't be to lazy to give something back. Help them out and give some love back. Then they can say "No your guest, sit down and relax". But you showed them that you wan't to help out to and not just keep taking without giving something back. + They will be happy, that you asked to help them out.

Don't take their love forgiven, don't lose the person you love them so they won't become LXO.
by MM2510911477 August 09, 2012
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It's a feeling you got or will get;

After a break up with a boyfriend or girlfriend. And you feel like you lost something very valuable to you. And you can't stop thinking about that love you use to get from those hugs and kisses this person use to give you.

Now all those good times and memories are just lost hugs and kisses - And pain in your broken heart.

Short said, when someone say or type it - it's a sign of a broken heart.

the Lost Hugs and Kisses
After a breakup, a friend ask hows it going with you
Friend: Hey, hows it going? Your allright?
You: No, I'm lost.. I just miss her LXO.

I miss you - #LXO
by MM2510911477 July 07, 2012
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