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Laughing with due respect (LWDR) is when you laugh very polietly/respectfully usually in front of strangers/adults/The queen. The laugh is not vulgar and usually sounds like a quiet "haha" or a "teehee". You can also laugh like this when the joke isn't very funny or is very funny but you don't want your acquaintance to know that you find the joke so funny you have to lws.
Vicky: omg Trevor told me the worst joke yesterday..
Laticia: lol what was it?
Vicky: he was all like...What lies in a pram and wobbles?....a jelly baby.. (rolls eyes)
Laticia: AWKWARD what did you say?
Vicky: I just LWDR-ed

Laticia: oh yeah..i would of done that too
by hannahthequeenofamazing August 28, 2013
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