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A mental state of mind often related to laziness, fatigue, and severe procrastination, affecting responsible behaviour and most higher thinking processes.

Symptoms include:
1.avoidance of studying or doing homework
2.preference for involving oneself in entertaining or even mundane activities in order to avoid using any higher intellectual thinking processes.
3.tendency to procrastinate or leave work to the last minute
4.preoccupying oneself by surfing the internet, and lingering on sites such as Facebook, Youtube or Twitter, often refreshing the page for something new to pop up in accordance with the first three symptoms above.

*University and senior high school students are at a high risk to this mental disease.
"One day I realized that even though I'm sick of everything else but homework, I still won't do it. I know that I have to do it, but for some reason, I'm not compelled to do it!"

"Dude, I have the same thing as you!"

"No way! Seriously?"

"The doctor told me it was LSS (Lethasynaptic Syndrome). It's a DISEASE."
by Dr. Lunartrain February 02, 2010
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