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An imaginary force that derives wealth from LOLs. LOL stations are specific to the person who wills them into existence. They function by centering around an idea, place, or person. One could think of them as a bank, but for lols. You deposit energy or (or even lols) to later be able to withdraw lols when needed. LOL stations center around certain types of humor, but are generally conceived to work as a focal point for misfortune that one creates for another person. LOL stations are a relatively new phenomenon that will sweep the world with their exciting, revolutionary, prospects. It is predicted that a whole counter-culture will develop around it. Perhaps even a new religion or cult will derive its philosophies from the teachings of LOL stations.
The KKK lost its LOL station when the American Government passed the Civil Rights act.

Ghegis Khan got many lols from his LOL station: the conquest of Eurasia.

Your ex-girlfriend has a lol station centered on your tiny penis.
by Marjuana Lincoln Logs November 11, 2007
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