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1. An Xbox Live player who thinks xbox is all their is to life, and takes it way to seriously. He also has commedatinos to having no social life, nor any life outside of the xbox world. When interviewed, he says he goes to outside to his friends house, once a month, like any other person. He has also won many look-a-like competitions for looking like Mclovin from Superbad, and Casper the friendly ghost, from how pale his skin is.

2. A song wrote by KronikXBoochy entitled 'LOL Snipex'.
The verses are as followed.

She sent me a text message,
let's play Halo 3,
LOL Snipe X, x4

3. Somebody who has no life, who looks very much like Mclovin, and Casper the friendly ghost.
Hahahaha, god dude, your such an LOL Snipex!
by IVIUNCH October 23, 2009
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