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An acronym for Lick My Shit Ring.
Usually used for smack talk to another person, on a video game, or in real life.
Seldomly used,
An insult.
Ex: 1 (Video Game Situation)
Player 1: Haha! You noob!
Player 2: Son, keep it up...
Player 1: what is that noob??
Player 2: Just go ...
Player 1: Go where? to your mom's? I'm already there!
Player 2: LMSR
Player 1: What?
Player 3: Pwned

Ex 2: (Real Life Situation)
Boss: Excuse me, John, can you come here for a sec?
John: Yes Boss?
Boss: If you could go clean the bathroom and help out with these reports, it would be just great.
John: Hell No Boss! LMSR!
Boss: Whats that?
Steve: Pwned!
by Exurodeus300 April 14, 2009
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