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Looks Exciting On Paper, (but) Aint Worth Shit!

Accronym, describing documents or certifications that maybe sound great, but in actuality have little or no worth.

Take for example, most Cisco Certifications, or that company newsletter announcing your upcoming "bonus".

Company newsletter: "For Christmas Bonuses this year, we have decided to donate the money you were expecting to receive, to charity. When we submit the check to the charitable organization, we'll be sure and tell them it's from all of you employees."

Employees: "Man, that blows! This is sooo LEOPAWS!"

Dude #1: "Hey, I just passed my CCNA. How come I can't land a job?

Dude #2: "You need something better than a LEOPAWS certification, dude!"
by Gummyroach February 07, 2009
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