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Laughing Extremely Loud At The Top Of My Lungs. Used for texting when LOL or LMBO just don't seem strong enough for the situation.

Very long and extended almost annoying type of laughter, caused by stupidity or a redundant truth. This a response given when the reality of a situation leaves no other response but laughter. this is not simply a ha ha or a giggle, it is strong from your belly to the point that you stomach and head hurt.
Example 1
Q: Did you hear about her mama...?


Example 2
Person 1: Are you going to the the dance?

Person 2:No!!

Person 1:Why not?

Person 2:I ripped a fart today in school and everyone

heard it


Person 2:Yo thats not funny

Person 1:Yes it is, who are you kidding?!
by JayVGC November 19, 2012
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