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Also known as The LEB. LEB-I-TON is the supreme Barbadian Ruler of all things sexual, uncreative and stupid, He the Saviour of all man whores. Known to indulge with any air-headed female he wants, LEB-I-TON often plays a hypocrite role to attract these air-headed skanks who often fall for his lies, stories & myths and end up speading their legs wider than hungry crocs eating hippos to serve this awesome Lord of Awesomeness!

After this task is performed he then seeks out to find other weak-minded females the next day, thus leaving the remaining, used, dumb, girls, to strangely adore, admire, worship, idolize & praise him. These are known as Lebitonlonians.

The closest Lebtionlonian to LEB-I-TON replenishes him with lots of Vaginal Juices when hes weak (although he still gets from other Lebitonlonians). She is known to take home strands of his hair in her purse and play with it spontaneously. She claims that his hair is ultra sharp. These are know as the Triple S. They're so sharp they cut through butter & can slice WATER!
"He slept with your girlfriend's best friend and her sister, and her cousin at the same party! What a man whore!"

"None can deny the presence of The LEB!"

LEB-I-TON is on the loose! Hide your gf before he gets her.

*Random Facts about The LEB*
1)Tattoos & Piercings to attract air-heads and convert them into Lebitonlonians.

2) Gets clients from the Local Barbadian Mall (so watch out), also through lies & sex

3) Story teller. Dont be surprised if he was the person that came up with Santa Claus ("Ho Ho Ho" (?) sounds like him alright).

4) He instructed God himself how to make the earth! Before he instructed God to put wildlife or vegetation he insured that there was material to make CONDOMS and made 95% of women worship him.

5) LEB The Titten is carved in a wall of a Ruin in Greece with the tagline: "creator of Trojans (condoms)".

6) Actually believes hes kool.

7) Wants to sleep with your girlfriend more than anything in this world . . .

8) Very immature individual that uses a lie to cover up (claims to have a syndrome that makes him hyper and retarted)

9) Slept with 171 girls this so far this year, and probably 5 more before Christmas (tomorrow).

10) He is well known at most health clinics and may have an STD named after him in his honour.

11) Would sleep with anything that is female.


25% of the Barbadian population knows this guy is a fake.

"I want a strand of his hair! CAUSE ITS SO STRONG!!!!!!!"
by TheGreatMayheM December 24, 2009
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