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LCFF: An acronym for the credos "Life Choice Fashion Flange". To live by this dictum is to embrace a code, where each interconnected element of the doctrine affects one's actions and defines one's existence.
The four corners of the credos are often broken up into their component parts and spoken at the end of a sentence in which one is making reference to the act of living by the credos.

For example: "I'm just gettin' into yoga. Life choice." (and possibly flange)

The full phrase can at times be spoken to emphasise the importance of a specific situation, where all the elements of the credos have been combined in perfect harmony. When this is the case, one might say out loud, "Life, choice, fashion, flange.", and in addition, one would form the letters LCFF with one's right hand, to correspond with the first letter of each word. That way, no one can be in any doubt that the situation merited your momentary observation of the credos.
by sj555 November 13, 2011
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