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Little Demons Junior Wolf Gang
One of the best young rap groups. They are from Baltimore, Maryland and there average age is 16. They have a facebook page the same as the word. (L.D.J.W.G) They have a similar rapping style to O.F.W.G.K.T.A
But i do bite so ima harvest, on all of my targets, and i've been told i'm one of the hardest, rappers in the state, and in this state of mind (state of mine) this would be great, but see i got the rest of the crew who can also relate, because we fuck all the girls we consider as bait, this rap was a little late, nah just a hour off, but had to watch my girl towel off, after i shit on her and a beat to rinse my bowels off, people try to yell for the lyrics but i just howl them off, they throw the yellow flag i kill them and say the foul is off. -L.D.J.W.G
by KidCafe July 04, 2011
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