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The nickname always given to that one Mexican kid in class who's name starts with "L" and last name is Rodrigues or Rodrigo. The L beginning his first name usually signifies the L's he takes in every situation.

An L-rod usually is awkward in every situation, never seeming to look normal in his environment. He can be spotted walking like Bigfoot and bumping into shit as he moves along. Shitty, not funny jokes are his specialty, and he always stutters while saying them. He gets no bitches and has a foot fetish as well as a stank-ass smell all the time.

Despite all the shit L-rods take, they do have some talents. They are very good at playing maracas, identifying smells in different types of piss, licking eyeballs, and letting you know if something can kill you or not.
"Dude, I just saw L-rod sniffing that retarted kids piss."

"Holy shit! Bigfoot is real!... Oh wait, it's just L-rod"

"L-rod almost got rejected by that weird girl but when he mentioned his talent in eyeball licking, he reeled her in"

"L-rod can play any Enrique Iglesias song on his maracas."
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by TheOnlyJaguarsFan June 09, 2016
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